Monmouth, IL-

During Monday night’s City Council meeting Monmouth Chief of Police Bill Feithen discussed details on the upcoming phase of the police department’s ALICE program. “Initial ALICE training began some time ago with the teachers. We have been working with administration to lay out the direction we were going,” Feithen said. “We have been making physical improvements as well as training. All of this has been happening. Now, we are in the phase of actually training teachers in response situations.” “ALICE teaches people to take action. You have to train your brain to do it. Police officers and soldiers have that mentality every day. We are trying to teach students and teachers to think and live it,” Bratcher said. “We are trying to empower the individuals to think on their own and not to panic and freeze, but how to appropriate action for that moment and situation. You have to be prepared to make those decisions.” Throughout the months of February and March, every school within the Monmouth-Roseville school district will have undergone active rehearsals. Read more