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ALICE training teaches schools, businesses, police departments, and individuals how to prepare for and respond using advantages they have during violent intruder attacks.  

Active shooter events are over 49% of the time before police arrive

[1]. Sheltering in place and waiting for the police to arrive is no longer the most effective course of action. Businesses are the most frequently attacked location, followed by schools and universities, by an active shooter[2]. But the reality is that a violent intruder risk is present at any place with a large number of people. How can businesses and places like schools and non-profits take proper safety measures with limited resources?

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) is partnering with the ALICE Training for a program that is specialized to help these groups, as well as anyone who may get caught in an active shooter or workplace violence situation. Developed after the Columbine school shooting in 1999, ALICE (Alert, Lock-down, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) teaches strategies to survive a life threatening event. The response strategies started by the ALICE program are now endorsed by federal agencies. More than 30,000 schools, business, and police departments have taken the ALICE training program developed by law enforcement experts.

“It is very important that all organizations have a realistic plan and policy in place that can mitigate the potential tragedy and eliminate claims of indifference or lack of training,” said Greg Crane, ALICE Founder and former tactical team leader, SWAT officer, crime scene investigator, and field training officer.

ALICE Training: 7 Tips for Classroom Setup to Guard Against a School Shooter

Insurance agents, non-profits, social service agencies, churches, schools, and businesses in cities across the country are invited to attend ALICE trainings hosted by Philadelphia Insurance Companies. These seminars will present a comprehensive program that utilizes infrastructure, technology, and human action to maximize the odds of survival should someone experience an active shooter event.

Three key lessons attendees will learn include:

  • How preparation and training build the mental confidence necessary to mitigate damage
  • Effective strategies besides lock down / secure in place
  • How to train employees and others to respond

“There is no method or pattern to these horrible violent incidents, making them hard to prevent,” shared Mark Konchan, vice president of Risk Management Services for Philadelphia Insurance Companies. “Our customers – particularly schools and non-profits with limited resources – have asked PHLY for education on how to handle active shooter and other violent intruder scenarios. ALICE provides the expertise and training that we hope will help save lives.”

These seminars will take place in the following cities:

September 3, 2014  4:00 PM Philadelphia, PA
September 4, 2014  4:00 PM Columbia, MD
September 23, 2014  11:00 AM Seattle, WA
September 24, 2014  9:00 AM San Francisco Bay, CA
September 25, 2014  8:00 AM Scottsdale, AZ
September 26, 2014  1:00 PM Littleton, CO
October 2, 2014  8:30 AM Addison, TX
October 9, 2014  2:00 PM New York, NY
October 17, 2014  8:30 AM Overland Park, KS
November 5, 2014  12:00 PM Charlotte, NC
November 6, 2014  4:00 PM Altamonte Springs, FL


You can find the full schedule and registration information on the ALICE website.

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About the ALICE Training

ALICE Training is changing how schools, universities and businesses respond to armed intruders.  ALICE (Alert, Lock-down, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate), developed after Columbine, teaches strategies to survive a life-threatening event.  Supported by educators and law enforcement across the country, ALICE is quickly becoming the new standard of care. Learn more about ALICE at   

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[1] FN1:  J. Pete Blair and M. Hunter Martaindale, “US Active Shooter Events from 2000 to 2010” (San Marcos, TX) Texas State University, 2013

[2] NYPD “Active Shooter: Recommendations and Analysis for Risk Mitigation, 2010 & 2012