It is difficult not to jump to the worst conclusions after 271 active shooting events have been documented by the New York Police Department from 1966-2012 at locations that include schools, churches, office buildings and malls. More and more alternatives are being developed to deal with active shooter scenarios, including a program featured in this newspaper dubbed ALICE, which stands for: alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate. Devised in 2001 by Greg Crane, a police officer from Texas, this program has made its way to the schools and offices of Vermillion in the past year and potentially offers a way to fight back against an attacker. In the wake of shootings such as Sandy Hook Elementary and Virginia Tech, it is no surprise that law enforcement is encouraging a more proactive approach by people stuck in the crossfire of an active shooter. So, the community is turning to ALICE, a five-part approach to train potential victims how to react if the worst occurs. Read more