Pulaski School District – Pulaski, WI

Pulaski School District staff are not only trained how to react to an active shooter situation but how to provide medical care in an emergency. “This is across the country and it could happen at any school,” said John Matczak, Pulaski High School principal and District Safety Coordinator. “Pulaski isn’t any different than any other school.” The training is called ALERT – LOCKDOWN – INFORM – COUNTER – EVACUATE, or A.L.I.C.E. Matczak says ALICE training arms the teachers and faculty with the knowledge of what to do in any emergency. “Those responses could include the initial lockdown,” Matczak said. “It could include running out of the building away from the danger or barricading the classroom, all different kinds of situations depending on what is going on in the building.” Read more