Redford Union School District- Redford, MI

The Redford Union School District, in partnership with local law enforcement, is implementing an active shooter response program.
This month, trained school administrators and law enforcement officials will provide staff training that is based on current research shown to increase the survival rate during an active shooter incident. This action was precipitated by the work of Dr. Sarena Shivers in her previous role as assistant superintendent of achievement in Washtenaw County.During her tenure in Washtenaw County, more than 3,000 school staff and officials in Washtenaw County were trained.“The Washtenaw A.L.I.C.E. Initiative started because of the dramatic increase in school violence and school shootings across the nation. Replication of this initiative in Redford Union Schools is designed to ensure the safety and security of all of our children and staff,” Shivers said. Read more