Sacred Heart School- Yankton, SD

Following an introducer last week at Yankton High School, many schools in the area have been concerned with their own security measures. Still, after last week’s incident at YHS, Sacred Heart focused on its procedures for handling an intruder situation. On a recommendation from the Yankton Police Department, the school is incorporating two new programs of safety: the ALICE training for K-12 schools and the “I Love U Guys” crisis protocol. These methods are based on the current school environment where training takes place, giving teachers and administrators tangible visual demonstrations to best protect their school. “We’ve had the skeleton of the plan, but if a shooter or a harmful person is actually in the building, what do we do?” Haberman said. “That is what the ALICE training will teach our staff. It is really about educating our staff in the real deal and taking it a step further from where we are at.” Read more