Pipestone Area Schools and Edgerton Public Schools- Pipestone, MN

Both Pipestone Area Schools (PAS) and Edgerton Public Schools discussed school security and crisis plans at their October meetings following the school shooting. Both schools mentioned the training program ALICE (Alert Lockdown Inform Counter and Evacuate). According to Buckridge, the school is interested in a company that would help them with their overall plan, however ALICE training or a similar program could be a part of that plan.“There’s one thing we can do and I think we should do is provide some additional training,” PAS Superintendent Jim Lentz said, something he’s currently working on bringing to the staff. According to Lentz, the discussion about Harrisburg is an important one for the school board to have for two reasons. “First of all to make them understand that we look at these types of things all of the time,” he said. “Secondly, there continues to be better research and better methods that arise from the research on each and every incident that occurs.” Read more