Fredericktown Schools – Fredericktown, OH

“We learned a lot, as law enforcement, from the shooting at Columbine,” said Fredericktown School Resource Officer Rodger Norcross. On January 5, Norcross, joined by Fredericktown Police Chief Roger Brown, police officers from around the county, Fredericktown EMS, county first-responders, and County EMA Director Mark Maxwell, trained the middle and high school staff at Fredericktown Schools to safely and effectively handle an “active shooter” situation. Columbine High School, Chardon High School, and the University of Virginia Tech shooting were just a few of the examples discussed. Gone are the days when most of us were taught in school to turn the lights off and get under our desks when confronted by an armed intruder. Now, through the ALICE program, individuals like teachers can gain the skills necessary to save lives. “We can’t wait around like we did at Columbine,” Norcross said, echoed by other instructors. You may only have minutes to do something. And do something is what ALICE trains you to do. Doing nothing is the worst option. Read more