Southland School District- Adams, MN

For many school districts, being prepared for a scenario like a fire or tornado comes with specific instructions, such as evacuating the building or gathering in storm shelters. But when someone enters a school with the intent to harm, the lines become blurred. What should students, teachers and school administrators do: run, hide or fight? A number of area school districts have already started to implement proactive training, swapping out the traditional lockdown drill for a program like ALICE and Run, Hide, Fight.  Changes to traditional lockdown procedures already have begun for several school districts in southeastern Minnesota. As superintendent for both the LeRoy-Ostrander and Southland school districts in Mower County, Jeff Sampson said that his administrators are trained how to respond to an active-shooter situation. “I know some schools are looking at some Run, Hide, Fight programming like ALICE.” Sampson said. “We are currently training students and staff this year.” Read more