Siouxland Hospital- Sioux City, IA

Planned long before the horror of Thursday’s shooting in Oregon, dozens of people spent the day at an active shooter drill at a Siouxland hospital training on what to do in those same, scary situations. During Thursday’s active shooter training, it’s just an airsoft gun pointed at local law enforcement, school officials and others. But in an active shooter situation, it’s the real deal. With mass shootings growing all too common, officials are training and changing the way we prepare for it. “We’re always taught that lockdown is what you should do if there’s a shooter in a building,” said Tim Chesnut, West Monona Middle and High School Principal. While lockdown is an option, it’s not always the best one. “We have to learn from those things that have happened. So we’ve enhanced the product, we’ve enhanced the fact that maybe it’s okay to run, maybe it’s okay to evacuate. Maybe it’s okay to counter and take back control,” said Gary Kamp, National Training Officer with ALICE Training. Bo Miller, Algona, Iowa Police Officer calls it an eye opening experience, but one that’s needed to make sure people know what they can do if they’re faced with the worst. Read more