Sulphur Springs Independent School District – Sulphur Springs, TX

Sulphur Springs Independent School District has incorporated a new type of training to prepare teachers if a violent intruder enters the campus, including confronting the intruder if it helps save students’ lives. The new protocol is entitled ALICE, standing for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate. In the U.S., there have been more than 140 school-related shootings since 2000. ALICE was created to protect schools against violent intruders who may wield any weapon from a knife to a gun. This new program is an aggressive step forward from the original SSISD plan of alert and lockdown. “We are here to protect our kids,” said Rusty Harden SSISD human resources director, referring the SSISD students. “After everything that has happened recently in the public, we want to be prepared in the event something happens.” Read more