Teays Valley Local School District- Ashville, OH

Teachers and administrators at the Teays Valley School District took part in ALICE training Friday to help prepare them for potential shooters and emergency situations. Deputy Dale Thomas said the newer idea is to alert people to any details on the perpetrator or their location, to lock down and prepare to evacuate or counter the perpetrator if necessary, to inform and continue to communicate with others in the school building details on the perpetrator, to counter the perpetrator to make it difficult or impossible to aim as a strategy of last resort and to evacuate and remove people from the danger zone when it is safe and they are able to do so. “I think it’s very easy for us sitting at Teays Valley in rural Pickaway County to become complacent and think that a dangerous situation would never happen to us,” Robin Halley, superintendent at Teays Valley School District said. “One question I never want to have to answer as a superintendent is if I could have done more to prevent this type of situation from occurring, and if it does occur I want to be certain that we prepared our staff members for such an incident. I want to feel secure in knowing that we have done everything we can to prepare ourselves for it.” Read more