Kenosha Unified School District- Kenosha, WI

Two-day ALICE training exercise at Bradford High School has school leaders thinking about a different approach to school lockdowns. Superintendent Sue Savaglio-Jarvis said she encouraged the training program in an effort to improve school safety. “That is a real passion for me,” Savaglio-Jarvis said. While she said she hopes Kenosha schools never are confronted with an actual armed intruder, “we must be prepared, we must be properly trained, and we must be aware.” For at least two decades, most school districts — including Kenosha Unified — have followed the practice that teachers should lock their students inside classrooms and keep them there if an intruder is in the school. The training event Tuesday and Wednesday urged educators to take a different approach. About 60 people, including administrators, principals, support staff and local law enforcement, participated in the session, which included simulated shootings with attackers using airsoft guns. Scott Kennow, principal at Somers Elementary School, said the exercise was eye opening. “It just suddenly seemed so stupid sitting there letting bullets wash over the class,” Kennow said. “To just sit and wait as someone is hunting you, it just feels ridiculous.” Read more