University of Northern Alabama- Florence, AL

The University of North Alabama is offering free active shooter training for students through the ALICE program.

The ALICE program stands for alert, lock-down, inform, counter, and evacuation

[evacuate]. UNA has been offering this course for the last three years. The university feels it is not enough for police to be trained on active shooter situations and wanted to educate students, faculty, and staff on what to do. The course goes hand in hand with UNA’s lock down procedures. The course makes students feel safer knowing they have the tools to know what to do.” I feel that if you are unprepared you are going to panic and panic mode is disastrous for anyone,” said UNA student, Amberly Pinaeiro. The UNA police chief advises every student to take the course. He says this is something they can use if they are ever in an active shooter situation. Read more