Winfield School District – Winfield, MO

It’s no secret that there have been more and more shootings in public places, many of them being schools, and Winfield is taking the safety of their students into their own hands. Chief Tony Kirk, of Old Monroe and Sgt. Marc McCollister, Winfield School Resource Officer, teamed up to make a presentation to show how they will be preparing teachers, staff, officers, and students on how to handle many different situations that might be thrown their way. Instead of just using the lockdown approach when an “intruder” is found on the campus, Chief Kirk and Sgt. McCollister both took a course on ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate). The ALICE training will bring the district together on the same page so that every individual will know exactly what they can, and should do, in active shooter versus intruder situations. Read more