The Next Step Is Deploying ALICE Across Your Organization

Attending the ALICE Training Seminar sponsored by Philadelphia Insurance was the first step. What is the cost to a company’s reputation due to a workplace violence event? Well, it depends. Brands need protection, no matter which industry it is, partly because the business environment changes daily with consumer awareness on the rise, including consumer blogging, tweeting and other social media. Anything negative said about your brand impacts it at every level. Workplace violence, however, goes beyond your brand and can impact your company’s pocketbook in terms of litigation fees, fines and more.

Your next steps to increase preparedness:

e-Learning – Required

The next step is to provide the ALICE e-Learning course to your staff. It builds the basic understanding of survival options and starts to create a quick response mindset for employees, staff and your organization. It allows for quick, consistent and quality training. This online course provides people of all ages and capabilities with options they can pursue when exposed to danger with no professional help at the scene. Most Violent Intruder events are over before the police arrive. It is during this critical phase of the danger when lives are saved or lost. The overwhelming factor determining the ratio of survival will be what did the people under attack know to do. This will be determined by what training they received and what practice they engaged in to forge a belief in their knowledge of survival options.

Upon completion of this interactive training course you will be joining over 1 million ALICE Certified Citizens across the world!

Onsite Training/Drills – Recommended

Enhancing the understanding of response options after the e-Learning with hands-on demonstrations, practice scenarios and evaluation drills is a critical component to maximize readiness. While e-Learning involves two of the three learning methods (audible and visual), kinesthetic learning is equally important. Your organization may conduct optional sessions where these learning and practice activities can take place with a local Certified ALICE Instructor.

These sessions build better belief in the benefits of the recommended strategies and the value of the collective efforts to ensure the safety of everyone. Certified ALICE Instructors conduct these exercises in a manner to create a sense of realism while maintaining high degrees of safety. These sessions can be conducted in a 2-hour block.

Getting Started is Easy.

Bring ALICE Training to your Organization