Project Description

Between 1999 and 2013, there have been 649 recorded deaths as a result of deadly force in Places of Worship. Since 1980, there has been an average of 30 recorded deaths as a result of armed intruders per year. This form of violence saw a spike after the tragic mass shooting at First Baptist Church in Daingerfield, TX on June 22, 1980, resulting in the death of five individuals. In less than 60 seconds, it had become evident that religious organizations now faced a threat that was seemingly impossible to combat.

These facts speak to the importance of developing church security training scenarios to better protect your Place of Worship. With proper training, your House of Worship can be better prepared from a security standpoint to stand up to this threat. ALICE Training has made it possible to Educate, Train and Prepare your Place of Worship, creating a training program to:

  • Maximize Survival
  • Provide Accountability
  • Reduce Liability

With ALICE, you’ll learn valuable Security Strategies for Staff and Clergy such as:

  • Establishing a Security Presence
  • Securing Your Place of Worship
  • Posting Greeters at All Entrances

Read more about how ALICE can help Educate, Train and Prepare your Place of Worship here.