Watch the “Ready, Respond, Recover” Webinar

ALICE Training kicked off a Webinar Series about safety planning and considerations with Joe Bergant, former Chardon Local Schools Superintendent, on Wed. Nov. 5, 2014. This first webinar was presented in collaboration with our Partners in Safety, NASRO and Philedelphia Insurance Company.

To watch this webinar, click here.

“Ready, Respond, Recover.”

The presentation provides educational and business communities the opportunity to strengthen safety planning, mitigation, response, and recovery efforts should a tragedy occur on their campus through the story of the Chardon School Shooting on February 27, 2012. Topics include: planning for crises, importance of rapport and relationships with all stakeholders, communication with media sources, and details for restoring the learning and working environment.

joe bergantAbout the Speaker: Joe Bergant

Joe Bergant knows education as a teacher, executive, scholar, advisor and student. During his 35 years of experience in public education he has served 17 years as Superintendent of Schools, mentored school leaders, written numerous grants, served on local and state committees, and negotiated many collective bargaining agreements for the betterment of the school districts he served.

His frustrations with the broader K-12 educational communities’ methods for planning and preparing for school safety was fueled by the tragic murders of three students at Chardon Local Schools during his tenure there as Superintendent. Though the school district handled the response and recovery of the tragedy as planned, he discovered that his own recovery depends on his efforts to keep safety and security into the daily conversations both within and outside the educational community. Proactive safety planning, mitigation, and recovery efforts in schools, universities, businesses and local governments must remain at the forefront.