“I am a school board member and teacher at Pipestone Area Schools. Our staff all went through the ALICE video learning presentations last spring and today we just finished with the classroom/active shooter training. Our instructor was Robert Tirollo. I want to let you know what an outstanding job Mr. Tirollo did during the classroom lecture and especially during the active shooter training. I kept hearing comments from our staff like: “This is the best in service we have ever attended.” “Money well spent by our school district.” “I feel so much more in control and prepared if a shooter would come in our schools.” “Can Mr. Tirollo come and teach our students the same training?”
I participated in all areas of the ALICE training and I was extremely impressed with the content area covered, the thoroughness of the training and with how much I learned. I want to thank ALICE and Mr. Tirollo for an outstanding learning experience.”