“I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for your continued efforts in promoting the ALICE concept.  As you know, I believe strongly in the work you do and the priceless philosophies that are taught.  Our train-the-trainer course this past Wednesday and Thursdaywas an unbelievable success where many were enlightened to your powerful program.  We had both public and private sector participants who are eager to bring their new knowledge back to their respective venues.  We even had members of the Archdiocese Risk Management Team in attendance who were extremely impressed.  In speaking with one those representatives, David Huskins, he related he had been to several different trainings similar to what he received but added the ALICE presentation was by far the most in depth and best presented.  He intended on bringing his experience back to other stake holders in the organization.

In addition to the curriculum, what made the training evolution such a tremendous success was the knowledge, enthusiasm and presentation skills of the instructors.  Nancy Leedberg, Robert Tirollo and James Saba were truly outstanding!  The ability to convey the ALICE concepts in such a powerful way had the room silent with the participants focused on every word.  As you know it is not often you can get law enforcement to remain quiet but you could not hear one conversation while they were presenting.  I heard nothing but extremely positive feedback for all I had the opportunity to speak with; whether law enforcement, school personnel or civilians. They reflected extremely positively on themselves, the law enforcement profession and the ALICE Institute.  Thank you for maintaining such outstanding instructors!  I would, without reservation, recommend they be considered a key team as you move forward!  Unfortunately, the philosophy is a life skill that should be taught to everyone! Thank you!”