“I spent many years reaching the public in an effort to get the layperson trained in CPR. Your enthusiasm and passion cause your audience to understand the value and necessity the ALICE training brings. My career spans a broad spectrum: fire/EMS, law enforcement, private industry. I see the value and importance much quicker, having worked within those professions.

As I finish my doctorate in Executive Leadership, I have given much study to how one prepares their own self to lead…at any level. Knowledge enhances options, which open up opportunity. Opportunity provides choices, which strengthen survivability and resilience. ALICE training gives choice, on many levels. It teaches more than surviving an active shooter event. It reaches to the soul and gives sense for a stronger, broader perspective for living. It teaches something that our world of ‘policy and guidelines’ has taken from us…a choice and a voice.

Again, great job and proud to have taken the training. As I see it, there is a whole new crop of students to train!”