Texas School Safety and Security Audit

Remove the Struggle and Enhance the Safety

Thank your for creating a culture of safety in your school and choosing ALICE to help. School administrators and educators have been tasked with so much more than educating students. Let’s get you back to your mission to educate by simplifying the complexities of compliance while keeping your students and staff prepared and sage. We can assist you with the Texas mandated School Safety and Security Audits and make sure year-3 is efficient and simple.

Two Ways to Simplify Your Year-3 Safety and Security Audit

Onsite Assessor: The onsite trained auditor completes a detailed hands-on examination of all physical security measures, reviews safety and security documents, verifying their existence, and conducts an in-depth interview of the individual responsible for site security. We use a proprietary document covering over 200 question with 400 scoring categories. You receive a comprehensive report that allows for quick reference to help create your required summary report as well as helping you to quickly prioritize correcting any unearthed issues. Simplify your audit by leveraging our experts to identify potential risks and efficiently address complicant requirement while you focus on continuing to build a culture of safety.


  • You focus on your students while we focus on your audit
  • Safety is evaluated by a trained expert and can be priortized and addressed
  • You receive compliant’based documentation streamling the process

Do it Yourself: The online tool allows  your staff  member(s) to execute the audit.  Built with the needs of Texas school districts in mind the audit software solution helps ensure your year-3 audits are thorough and compliant. It simplifies and streamlines the coordination of the assessment data, provides easily digestible reports for compliance while expediting the summary process and maintaining accountability for tasks, including documentation.


  • Texas specific to template ensures you ar focused on the right requirements
  • Easy to use task system tracks completion and on-going comments
  • Valuable reports are easily digestible and actionable

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