Ardmore City Schools Board of Education – Ardmore, Oklahoma

Reports have been made on the discussions that took place with the Education Services Center for Ardmore City Schools that met on Saturday morning. These concerned citizens shared the thoughts that many city schools hold. An emphasis was put on the need for better protocol and training in response to an active shooter as well as better collaboration between the school and its students during such an event.

ACS superintendent Kim Holland was quoted to say that the old “lockdown” protocol has been shown to be no longer adequate and flawed.  “What they discovered is that [this protocol] just makes a large target for the shooter to hit,” Holland said. “There are some things we discovered you can do”.

Holland proposed the Pro-Active, Options-Based response protocol for both the school’s Emergency Operation Plan as well as for its students utilization. This protocol is called ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate). Read More