ALICE Training Team

Get to know the ALICE team that led the change from passive to proactive response strategies becoming the norm for Citizen Preparedness for Active Shooter events. Discover their passions and industry knowledge. They inspire and innovate the great work we do.

Founders & Executives

Greg Crane
Greg CraneFounder / Strategic Thought Leader
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Lisa Crane
Lisa CraneCo-Founder / Director, Customer Success
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Marianne Alvarez
Marianne AlvarezCo-Founder
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Dave Mueller
Dave MuellerCEO
Keith Siegel
Keith SiegelPresident

National Trainers

Shawn Slezak
Shawn SlezakDirector, Training & National Trainer
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Joe Chavalia
Joe ChavaliaNational Trainer
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Gary Kamp
Gary Kamp National Trainer (ALICE/RAIDER)
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Brandon Rhone
Brandon RhoneAsst. Director, Training & National Trainer
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Joe Hendry
Joe Hendry Director of Risk Assessments, National Trainer
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George Hunter
George HunterNational Trainer
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Sean Kennedy
Sean KennedyNational Trainer (ALICE/RAIDER)
Kenny Mayberry
Kenny MayberryNational Trainer
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Adjunct National Trainers

Mark Bourque
Mark Bourque National Trainer
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Francis Brooke
Francis BrookeNational Trainer
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Steve Burgess
Steve BurgessNational Trainer
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Tony Castillo
Tony Castillo National Trainer
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Shawn Collins
Shawn CollinsNational Trainer
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Brad Crane
Brad CraneNational Trainer (RAIDER)
Barb Dorff
Barb DorffNational Trainer
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Ed Dorff
Ed DorffNational Trainer
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Ron Hackenberg
Ron HackenbergNational Trainer
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Curtis Hall
Curtis HallNational Trainer (RAIDER Trainer)
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Dave Hill
Dave HillNational Trainer
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Joe Hoffar
Joe HoffarNational Trainer
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Derek Jones
Derek JonesNational Trainer (RAIDER Trainer)
Kenny Lott
Kenny Lott National Trainer
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John Lumbawski
John LumbawskiNational Trainer
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Andrea Nester
Andrea NesterNational Trainer
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Justin Pan
Justin PanNational Trainer
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Chris Pattie
Chris PattieNational Trainer
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Theresa Simpson
Theresa SimpsonNational Trainer
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John Sylvester
John SylvesterNational Trainer
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Aaron Vanatta
Aaron Vanatta National Trainer
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Spencer Walton
Spencer WaltonNational Trainer
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Melissa Wiesner
Melissa WiesnerNational Trainer

Support Team

Chris Akers
Chris AkersSenior Software Engineer
Marie Alexander
Marie AlexanderController
Abi Allen
Abi AllenCustomer Success Administrator
Jennifer Bilek
Jennifer BilekDirector, Human Resources
Matt Blotevogel
Matt BlotevogelAccount Executive
Chad Cunningham
Chad CunninghamDirector, Product Development & National Trainer
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Jon Geraci
Jon GeraciOperational Accounting Manager
Whitney Hatton
Whitney HattonEvent Administrator
Brianna Haught
Brianna HaughtHosted Class Specialist
Ashley Hendricks
Ashley HendricksAccount Executive
Guido Jannetti
Guido JannettiCustomer Success Specialist
Elisha Jordan
Elisha JordanHosted Class Specialist
Haylee Kill
Haylee KillCustomer Success Specialist
Justin Komorowski
Justin KomorowskiDirector, Customer Success
Bob Kraft
Bob KraftDirector, Strategic Alliances
Jed Lee
Jed LeeDirector, Technology & Business Analyst
Joanna Lucas
Joanna LucasAccount Executive
Belinda New
Belinda NewAccounting Specialist
Nicole Razek
Nicole Razek Instructional Designer
Karis Rooney
Karis RooneyHuman Resources
Michelle Schramm
Michelle SchrammAccount Executive
Victoria Shaw
Victoria ShawDirector, Marketing
Janelle Strahsburg
Janelle StrahsburgEvent Coordinator
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