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Join ALICE Certified Instructors from across the nation for these exclusive webinars. The webinars will be about 20 minutes long and offer a platform for you to ask questions and offer your insights into the topic. Register for any or all the upcoming webinars.  Let us know if you have a topic you would like us to include in our webinar line up by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

 Admins and Teachers and Students, Oh My!
Thursday, September 19
1:00 P.M. EST

Attend to get a better understanding of who should be included and when during your ALICE active shooter response training.

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Recording: March 28 Webinar
Adapt Your Safety Training to the Age and Ability of Staff and Students

Tips and tricks that will help ensure classrooms are prepared and can be proactive during a violent incident until help arrives.

Recording: August 15 Webinar
Drills VS Scenarios
It’s that time of year again. Get prepared for training your organization by understanding when to use scenarios and when to conduct drills.

Recording: April 25 Webinar
Critical Thinking Exercises
How to create and conduct critical thinking exercises to enhance the understanding of the use of proactive strategies during an incident.

Recording: May 30 Webinar
Schools Out – Now What
There are many ways you can use your ACI status to increase community engagement to make it a safer place to live, work and grow.    

Recording: June 6 Webinar
ALICE Acquires SafePlans: What it Means for Safety from Prevention to Recovery
Learn more about how you can ensure you meet the higher standards for safety prevention – preparedness – recovery standards in the upcoming school year.

Recording: August 15 Webinar
Drills vs Scenarios
It’s that time of year again. Get prepared for training your organization by understanding when to use scenarios and when to conduct drills.

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Our Presenter:

Chad Cunningham is the Director of Product Management and an ALICE National Trainer at ALICE Training Institute. He has 23 years experience in Law Enforcement with 20 years with the University of Akron.  Chad held the Lieutenant title, led the community policing, CHOP unit, was the lead trainer for the department and a prominent member of SWAT. He is a certified instructor in Defensive Tactics and Active Shooter Response. He was a member of the committee that composed the Solo Officer Response to Active Threat. Chad has trained more than 70,000 people. He holds an Associate’s in Criminal Justice, B.A. in Technical Education, and an M.A. Ed. in Instructional Technology.

For more details or questions call: 330-661-0106

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