Worship without Worry.  

ALICE is the #1 Active Shooter Civilian Response Training for all Organizations.

ALICE Training has created a House of Worship training program to:

  • Maximize Survival of congregants, staff, volunteers and leadership
  • Provide Accountability by documenting completed training and preparation
  • Reduce Liability by implementing and training in alignment with state and federal standards of care for violent intruder events

ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) provides preparation and a plan for individuals and organizations on how to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event. ALICE Training option based tactics have become the accepted response, versus the traditional “lockdown only” approach.

A variety of factors may have an impact on your religious institution’s safety. As the leadership, you must ask, “How would our institution react, survive and cope, if we came under attack from a violent intruder?”

For places of worship, safety is assumed upon entering. Worrying about an active shooter is not among most people’s thoughts as they enter their religious community. Because of this, church security and emergency preparedness has to be something that religious leaders take into consideration as the day to day operations of their churches are carried out.

Places of worship are highly visible in their communities, and their leaders can be viewed as the embodiment of inflammatory political issues – placing them at heightened risk. Typically, places of worship are seen as a sanctuary or safe haven, but the reality of today is that places of worship are just as vulnerable to active shooter events as schools and businesses. Generally there are very low measures in place for detecting threats. ALICE Training can offer on-site assessments and training to help you plan and prepare for a day we pray never comes.

ALICE Training Options for Houses of Worship

Whether you are an individual, a family or on the leadership team on a congregation, we’ve got you covered!

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[50% of Incidents] Take place on Sunday

In the incidents studied by the FBI, 50% took place at Places of Worship on a Sunday.  Specifically, just six events resulted in 21 people killed and 27 wounded.   The ages of the shooters ranged from 24 to 69.

Source: FBI Report, “Study of Active Shooter Incidents between 2000 and 2013.”


Certify Ushers, Greeters, Child Nursery Attendants, Teachers, and Servers as part of your Safety Program.

Most volunteers at a House of Worship have little or no background in security activities including what to do during an active shooting event.  They are typically friendly, always smiling, shaking hands, directing guest and passing offering plates.  Today, greeters, ushers, deacons, ministers, teachers, pastors all share responsibility for the safety and security of the congregation.  ALICE certification can help build that basic training.


News Highlights – Places of Worship


Subjects of Concern, Matters of Faith

The new topic of conversation is ALICE. Like most acronyms, it’s easy to be dismissive of the whole thing. I’m going to remember all that? But with regular training, and some visual reinforcement, plus having clearly designated people with the task of handling those first couple of steps IMMEDIATELY – whether we’re talking about a funnel cloud, a gas leak or a guy with a gun seen in a stairwell – it’s a very workable method to teach preparedness. So we’re talking, at my church, about “Run-Hide-Fight,” and about ALICE, and about who does what.  Read more

Church Security on the Minds of Pastors and Buckeye Firearms Association

The pastor at Trinity Baptist Church on the northeast side said his sermon this Sunday will remember those lives lost in the church massacre in South Carolina, as well as address security in the house of worship.  Read more

Over 18,000,000 trained.  Let’s see what Some have to Say!

“Yes, I’ll be training my church on what to do, not just to hide and wait, but do things that are going to save their lives.” December 2014
Don McConnell, Rock of Grace Family Ministries
“So we’re talking, at my church, about “Run-Hide-Fight,” and about ALICE, and about who does what. Not who’s going to be a hero, or how we’re just going to pray enemies away from ever opening our door, but having the basics of assembly and evacuation ready to undergird our faith with action.” November 2015
Jeff Gill, Pastor in Licking County

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