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ALICE Training Institute® is the original civilian active shooter response training company. Our mission is to empower individuals to participate in their own survival by using proactive options-based strategies in the face of violence.  Our speakers are well versed in adapting to audiences and delivering engaging and interactive sessions.  All requests for speakers must be submitted a minimum of 90 days prior to your event date.  Requests are subject to availability.  Our speakers are experts in the industry and can speak on a plethora of topics upon request.  Please contact us to find out more: [email protected].

Chad Cunningham
Director of Product Management

Chad Cunningham is the Director of Product Management and is a National Trainer at ALICE Training Institute. He has 23 years’ experience in Law Enforcement with 20 years with the University of Akron. Chad held the Lieutenant title, led the community policing, CHOP unit, was the lead trainer for the department and a prominent member of SWAT. He is a certified instructor in Defensive Tactics and Active Shooter Response. He was a member of the committee that composed the Solo Officer Response to Active Threat. He is the leading expert in implementing options-based response strategies at a university and how to adapt training techniques to the cognitive level of the audience. Chad has trained more than 70,000 individuals. He holds an Associate’s in Criminal Justice, B.A. in Technical Education, and an M.A. Ed. in Instructional Technology.

Chad is one of the leading National Trainers and maintains the quality standards in all of the ALICE National Trainers.

Joe Hendry
Director of Risk Assessments, International Assessor

Lieutenant Joseph A. Hendry Jr., PSP, CLEE (Ret.)Retiring after a distinguished 27-year career with the Kent State Police Department, Lt. Hendry has been named by the Ohio Department of Homeland Security and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office as an expert in civilian and law enforcement response to active threats. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications from Kent State University, is a graduate of the “Police Executive Leadership College” and the “Certified Law Enforcement Executive” program. He is a trained Crisis Intervention Team officer in dealing with mental health issues. He served six years in the United States Marine Corps. He was an Intelligence Liaison Officer with Ohio Homeland Security. As a National Trainer for the ALICE Training Institute, he is considered one of the top trainers in Violent Critical Incident response in the United States and has trained approximately 3,000 local instructors for law enforcement, businesses, health care, houses of worship, universities and K-12. He holds board certification as a Physical Security Professional (PSP) from ASIS International to conduct security assessments worldwide.

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