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All organizations face some degree of risk and threat, whether from natural disasters, cyber breach or man-made incidents. A safety risk assessment can help you recognize weak areas in safety, determine the proper training, technology, and processes as well as guide you through an implementation process to mitigate these risks.

Comprehensive safety plans make a difference between life and death in violent critical incidents. The risk assessment provides you with an inclusive list of the good, the weak and dangerous areas in your organization along with recommendations on a course of action needed to correct issues.

Our Assessments are done by certified professional assessors onsite, online and from the inside out and outside in. We conduct the entire process for the organization, with the organization. ALICE assessors are ASIS International Board Certified and designated Physical Security Professionals. This certification is the highest in the field and must be recertified every three years. This keeps our assessors up to date on all recommendations.

Utilize organizational, school and building security risk assessments to better prepare your organization today.

ALICE Training is proud to be included in the A.M. Best Company directory of recommended Expert Service Providers. A.M. Best Company was founded in 1899 as a full-service rating organization dedicated to serving the financial and insurance industries. We believe the A.M. Best designation is indicative of the standard and quality of the comprehensive solutions we offer. ALICE training is recognized for a variety of expert services in security at the national level, including Risk Assessments. We are the only active shooter response training company to be recognized on the list and one of only seven security companies recognized on the list. Apply for a Risk Assessment.

Our certified ALICE Risk Assessment Professional performs an in-depth site visit to the client property, conducts interviews, collects data and defines potential issues. Our clients receive a report with recommendations to maintain and improve the security and safety posture including operational and best security practices; safety and security procedures; physical security measures and site hardening measures. This report can be used as an overall roadmap for the client to utilize for current and future security planning and budget requests to executives. Learn More.

Do You Know What to Ask

As the recognized industry leader in Active Shooter/ Violent Intruder Civilian Response Training, the ALICE Training knows how important it is to provide the best training with the best customer support systems to save lives. Professional Risk Assessment is another way we prepare our clients for all hazard’s response using this concept. Here are six questions to answer when choosing who conducts your risk assessment.

Everyone one of our Assessors is Internationally Board Certified as a Physical Security Professional (PSP). This is the highest certification in the security field and is recognized as the “Gold Standard” for security professionals worldwide.

Most insurance companies recommend and on-site assessment every four years. If you’re only doing one because “something happened”, that is not enough. Risk Assessment it a living process that never ends. We know that the support of our clients doesn’t end once we leave the site. We stay in touch and provide a resource for our clients for the life of our contracts

The concept that there is a standardized one size fits all approach has proven to be a faulty assumption when it comes to traditional lockdown response to an active shooter.  The same holds true for Risk Assessment. A professional assessor will be able to recommend appropriate security measures based on your infrastructure, recommend up to date changes, based on current laws and recommendations, to your policies and plans, and demonstrate proof of knowledge and experience in threat assessment and risk analysis. Someone walking around with a free assessment download from the internet checking boxes off is ensuring you have a product giving you exactly what you paid for it.

Our assessors have passed comprehensive rigorous international board testing covering 83 tasks, skills, and knowledge contained in three domains-

  • Physical Security Assessments
  • Application, Design, and Integration of Physical Security Systems
  • Implementation of Physical Security measures

Is a person checking off boxes for you meeting the level of expertise necessary to do the job?

While the minimum expenditure and effort may be acceptable before a critical event occurs, you can rest assured it will not be acceptable in the aftermath. Do you want to have professional resources to call on to defend and what you have done, based on professional recommendations and continued contact with those resources? Or, do you want to pull a dusty checked box risk assessment you did four years ago off a shelf to meet the minimum.

Professional Board-Certified Assessors are not product affiliated. Many times, these types of assessments lead to the company’s products being recommended. We do not recommend products from specific companies or organizations. All recommendations to upgrade or install physical security measures should be sent out for bid.


Mitigating Risk with a Plan from a Professional.

Planning is the first step to protecting your organization. All of our assessors are PSP® certified to ensure you receive the most up-to-date assessment to meet the changing needs and expectations of safety.

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An Interagency Security Committee Policy and Best Practices Guide


An Interagency Security Committee Policy and Best Practices Guide

Once risks to a facility are accurately assessed, including those posed by an active shooter event, facility security managers and Designated Officials can determine whether countermeasures in place are adequate to mitigate those risks or whether additional countermeasures are required. Procedural, programmatic, and physical security countermeasures resulting from the facility security assessment regarding active shooter events and other emergency situations should be included in the Occupant Emergency Program, Occupant Emergency Plan,…These plans are intended to minimize the risk to personnel, property, and other assets within the facility if an incident occurs inside or immediately surrounding the facility by providing facility-specific response procedures for occupants to follow.”

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