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Are You Prepared to Respond to Violence?

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There are more ways than one to be prepared for a violent event. Whether you are at a mall, in a theater, grocery shopping, attending a game or listening to a concert, you have options. By the time law enforcement arrives, violent events are usually over. Seconds count during a violent event. The actions taken by civilians, in between when the event begins and law enforcement arrives, are significant and can increase survivability.

If you are looking for an online, comprehensive, thorough and options-based response to a violent intruder event, consider our e-Learning.

The ALICE Solution

ALICE empowers unarmed people collectively to save more lives during any violent attack — terrorist attacks, active shooter events, and violence. Rather than waiting passively for the police to arrive, ALICE empowers people. This is achieved by cultivating a survival mindset and instilling confidence in how skills already known can have a great impact on increasing survival with ALICE proactive, options-based training. These ALICE protocols transfer the power from the attacker to the victims and turn everyday actions into life saving measures.

The real first responders must be the people who are on scene when a violent attack begins because 60% of active shooter events are over before law enforcement arrives according to a FBI report.