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There are more ways than one to be prepared for a violent event. Whether you are at a mall, in a theater, grocery shopping, attending a game or listening to a concert, you have options. By the time law enforcement arrives, violent events are usually over. Seconds count during a violent event. The actions taken by civilians, in between when the event begins and law enforcement arrives, are significant and can increase survivability.

If you are looking for an online, comprehensive, thorough and options-based response to a violent intruder event, consider our e-Learning.

The ALICE Solution

ALICE empowers unarmed people collectively to save more lives during any violent attack — terrorist attacks, active shooter events, and violence. Rather than waiting passively for the police to arrive, ALICE empowers people. This is achieved by cultivating a survival mindset and instilling confidence in how skills already known can have a great impact on increasing survival with ALICE proactive, options-based training. These ALICE protocols transfer the power from the attacker to the victims and turn everyday actions into life saving measures.

The real first responders must be the people who are on scene when a violent attack begins because 60% of active shooter events are over before law enforcement arrives according to a FBI report.


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Why training like ALICE is needed and has been adopted by the Federal Government as the standard of care since 2013.

A shooting event at the Accent Sign Company in Minneapolis, MN illustrated the need for a corporate plan for both notification and training. The attacker was an employee who was told he would be let go from the company. His response was to pull out a gun and start shooting. Throughout the course of his attack, he moved to different areas of the building shooting victims. These victims either had the opportunity to remove themselves from the danger; or had the opportunity to collectively take back control from their attacker. Unfortunately, these opportunities had not been communicated to them through planning and training before the attack.

Ultimately, the shooter committed suicide, and the attack left 6 innocent people dead and 2 injured.

With a proactive response:

U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords was hosting a town hall meeting outside the Safeway Grocery in Tucson, Arizona, when an attacker began shooting. The attacker killed 6 people and wounded 13 in less than 1 minute. The shooter was stopped by citizens before police arrived. Had they not stopped the violence, the casualty numbers undoubtedly would have been much higher.

On that tragic day, there were heroes who stepped up to save others. Their actions did not require years of special skills. They used common physical skills that everyone knows, and ones that practically anyone can do.

  • Patricia Maisch grabbed the magazine the attacker dropped when he was reloading. Interfered
  • Another person distracted the gunman by swinging a chair at him. Distracted
  • Bill Badger, a 74 year old retired U.S. Army colonel who was already shot and wounded, grabbed the attacker's legs and controlled him with the help of others until law enforcement arrived. Controlled

These individuals are heroes who bravely took action in the face of grave tragedy to help save others.