ALICE Training

What will be the time commitment of the training and implementation?

June 29th, 2016|

ALICE Training has transitioned from a pure Instructor-led model of training that could take years to fully implement organization-wide, to a Blended Model of e-learning and Instructor-Led training which can be done in a matter of weeks. The user-level people will be trained with the classroom/theory portion being conducted via ALICE Training's web training portal, [...]

Why the ALICE Training program?

June 29th, 2016|

ALICE Training was the pioneer in active shooter preparation training in our country. They were the first program to question the reasonableness of “lockdown-only” policies and training. Because they were first, they have the most experience, the credibility and the most support for implementation of our program.

Wouldn’t we be better off with an armed security guard?

June 29th, 2016|

Although Armed Security perhaps would get help on scene quicker, there are no guarantees that they would be exactly where they could make a difference. With shots going off every four to fifteen seconds historically in Active Shooter events, occupants must know what to do to help them until law enforcement arrives.

Could we be training our future enemy?

June 29th, 2016|

Yes, but knowing what to expect and then dealing with the ALICE Training strategies are much different. Because each area will be making different choices, the shooter cannot predict what those under attack will do.

Isn’t it law enforcement’s job to take care of this problem?

June 29th, 2016|

Law Enforcement is on their way but time is not on their side. We must learn to help ourselves before they arrive. Just as the fire department equips us with fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems, and EMS trains us in using AED for heart attacks, the law enforcement community is training us in our response [...]

Do we need this if our police station is nearby?

November 9th, 2015|

Law enforcement officers may not be present when a shooting begins. The first law enforcement officers on the scene may arrive after the shooting has ended. Making sure individuals know how to respond helps prevent and reduce the loss of life.

How often should training be conducted?

November 9th, 2015|

The more a plan is practiced and stakeholders are trained on the plan, the more effectively they will be able to act during an emergency to lessen the impact on life. Exercises provide opportunities to practice with community partners (local emergency responders) as well as to identify gaps and weaknesses in the plan.

Is ALICE Training sequential in nature?

September 24th, 2015|

No, ALICE Training is not designed to be sequential nor is it meant to be a checklist. ALICE Training is a list of options that can be used to stay safe in the event of a violent intruder. Some may choose to Evacuate and some may choose to Lockdown and barricade. Others may choose to [...]

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