Huntsville, AL   

Would you know what to do if an active shooter situation developed near you? Experts will be on hand Monday to instruct members of the public on active shooter response. Alabama A&M will be the site of a training event called ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate), which will take participants through recommended courses of action in a dangerous situation. The program aims to teach people how to survive in an active shooter situation. Several students attending the training shared about why they felt it was important to attend. “If something like that would happen here, I don’t know how we could handle it,” said Audriauna Roller, a graduate assistant at A&M. “That’s why I came, so I can be aware and learn what to do,” said Angel Baldwin, a Resident Advisor on campus. “I can go back and tell the residents things that I learned from this event.” Read more