Amherst Police Department- Amherst, MA

In the wake of mass shooting incidents at schools and universities around the country, a two-day course offered by the Amherst Police Department will teach survival strategies in the event of such an incident locally at any workplace.The eight-hour sessions, which will be held Feb. 16 and 17 at the Amherst Regional Middle School, are geared toward area schools and businesses and are being coordinated with the ALICE Training of Medina, Ohio. Amherst Police Lt. David Knightly said that the training will assist people in surviving should a violent situation occur — in particular during the time between when an incident starts and when police arrive. “The training gives you the ability to make informed decisions during one of these incidents,” Knightly said. There is now an understanding that action is faster than reaction. “This will be a great resource to be informed and to have a game plan,” Knightly said. Read more