Fall River Public Schools – Fall River, MA

There are 10 new police officers in Fall River’s schools. But they are not necessarily patrolling the hallways looking for young troublemakers. These officers are there to protect and counsel students and help teachers educate them. “It’s a very rewarding job,” said Officer Kelly Furtado, who is now a school resource officer, “It’s a job where you make the most difference. Many children see the police as an adversary. Being an SRO in schools closes that gap. It makes police officers more approachable.” Officers said their increased visibility in schools will not only increase safety in their buildings, but also lessen the fears of police that many community members have, leading to reduced crime overall. the officers have recently received new emergency training in a variation to lockdown drills known as ALICE — Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. While police have been trained to assist teachers, staff and students in sheltering in place during active shooter situations, ALICE training has an additional layer.

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