Holgate Local Schools- Napoleon, OH 

School safety is a topic that is talked about frequently at meetings, by parents and staff, and is in the media on a regular basis. There are new laws, mandates and procedures that school districts must follow. Among those are the intruder drills that we have now added to the list of regular drills we already complete such as fire, tornado and lockdown. During those drills, teachers and students have to make decisions based upon the information they have during the drill and where the intruder is located in the building. Our goal is to make it as realistic as we can without unduly frightening students. We want them to be able to think during a stressful situation, yet know that they are safe in the process. Sept. 17 will be our first ALICE (intruder) drill. ALICE is the response program we utilize, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. Read more