Kent State University- Kent, OH

In the event of an active shooter on the K-State campus, students and faculty are encouraged by policy to safely inform building occupants, and then lock doors, block windows, close blinds, seek cover and stay in place until police clear the building. The common response policy to active shooters has been the lockdown procedure, in which hiding behind a locked door and waiting for help is the main strategy. A new policy is on the rise for K-State, though, one that focuses on increasing the safety of students and staff further: the ALICE program. ALICE is an acronym for “alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate.” The program is designed to give people caught in active shooter situations different survival strategies. Capt. Donald Stubbings, K-State Police Department, said he supports the new response policy. K-State is set to adopt the program by the end of the year. “ALICE will be a part of initial learning on campus,” Stubbings said. Read more