Lenox Memorial Middle and High School – Lenox, MA

The town’s school district is doubling down on consideration of enhanced emergency security and safety precautions, reflecting close ties with local police. The current priority involves enhanced lockdown and evacuation scenarios at Lenox Memorial Middle and High School, as outlined by Assistant Principal Brian Cogswell and Chief Stephen O’Brien during a School Committee presentation on Monday night. Lockdown procedures at LMMHS, as well as Morris Elementary School, already include PA system announcements, classroom doors that lock from the inside and related precautions. Cogswell proposed the addition of exterior cameras at LMMHS as well as four interior cameras in hallways, though not in classrooms. This past summer, Cogswell and O’Brien, along with Lenox Officers William Colvin and Michael Smith, attended a conference on the “ALICE” system of responses to an intruder — alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate. Read more