Police Educating on Shooting Situations

Monmouth, IL

Sgt. Joe Bratcher has started educating residents on how to respond if a shooting spree were to occur in Monmouth. The program Bratcher has been teaching, known as ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate), is a “research-based, proactive approach to responding to an active shooter situation which authorizes and empowers those engaged in such an event to utilize existing building infrastructure, technology, and human action to increase their chance of survival,” according to the ALICE Training Institute. In February this year, the department sent me to ALICE training to become an instructor,” Bratcher said. “Since 2011, we have been training county and city officers, and some Henderson County officers, every year to continually refresh them. The biggest question in these situations is what do the teachers do, and the answer is ALICE.” Read more


November 23rd, 2015|
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