Buena High School – Sierra Vista, AZ

Law enforcement officials are hoping area school districts will consider incorporating several alternatives into the standard lockdown procedure when experiencing an active shooter on campus and showcased a number of examples as part of a training exercise on Thursday at Buena High School. When a school relies solely on the common protocol of locking classroom doors, turning off the lights and hiding from a person who intends to cause students and staff harm, they are limiting the number of proactive actions that could save lives in the precious minutes between the start of an incident and the arrival of law enforcement, said instructors Cpl. Scott Borgstadt and Sgt. Tod Linendoll of Sierra Vista and Dep. Allison Hadfield of the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office. “Nobody walks around with one tool in their toolbox, but if you have enough, you can choose the one for the job and make it effective,” Hadfield said, speaking to the dozen people in attendance, including members of the command staff of the Sierra Vista Police Department, sheriff’s office, representatives of the Sierra Vista Unified School District and Sierra Vista City Council. Thursday’s presentation and exercise covered theALICE system, which was designed to educate school staff and students with proactive methods they can take if they find themselves in a situation where a person on campus, armed with a gun or other deadly weapon, is actively shooting people. Read more