San Antonio, TX

Safety experts from Kerrville are now giving schools across the country the skills to help students and staff survive shootings. “Columbine, for law enforcement, was our dose of reality,” Greg Crane says.”Every teacher has been in that situation where they’re sitting in a room of kids and they ask themselves, ‘What would I really do if somebody came through the door?'” Lisa Crane says. Her staff was taught if a shooter comes on campus to shelter in place. But Greg worried that until first responders arrived, those children would be sitting ducks. “We don’t tell little kids if a predator tries to snatch them off the street to be passive, static and compliant,” Greg says. “We teach them counter strategies. What they can do to break contact and get away. So husband and wife joined forces to start the ALICE Training, helping schools in South Texas and around the country prepare for the worst.”It’s not about fighting,” Greg says. We don’t teach anyone how to fight an armed gunman. We teach you how, if necessary, to take back control from this out-of-control individual.” Read more