University of Toledo- Toledo, OH 

The University of Toledo Police Department is hosting open sessions of alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate — or ALICE — training this October to help prepare people for active shooter situations on campus.“ALICE has grown in popularity

[at UT] and now UTPD has seven instructors to keep up with the increasing requests for ALICE presentations,” wrote Douglas Perry, a UTPD police officer and ALICE training instructor, in an email interview. “When you have ALICE, it does provide you some options that you may have not considered before,” Newton said. “It may also provide you some confidence so even if you are faced with someone who has a firearm and is pointing it right at you, there is an opportunity for you to survive.” ALICE is not specific for one type of building or situation, Newton said, but instead provides multiple avenues of action and different options that can be tailored to different situations. Sarah Bitner, a fourth-year theater major, said she received the training as a requirement for becoming a resident adviser at UT. “I would recommend everyone take the training because of the peace of mind it brings,” Bitner said. Read more