Yosemite Unified School District- Yosemite, CA

Under the guidance of former Fresno police officer Dave Maynez, now Director of Campus Safety for Yosemite Unified School District (YUSD), some area schools have recently rolled out a forward-thinking Safe School Plan with multiple components that could make a big difference in the event of a natural disaster, criminal activity, fire or other emergency. Maynez brings his skills and experience as a police officer, and last year completed the active shooter response program offered by ALICE Training, one that he is sharing with administration, teachers, staff and students. ALICE teaches individuals to participate in their own survival, while leading others to safety. Though no one can guarantee success in this type of situation, this new set of skills will greatly increase the odds of survival should anyone face this form of disaster.” Maynez says ALICE’s active shooter training offers a practical approach to a situation in which no one wants to find themselves. Read more