Tahlequah Public Schools – Tahlequah, OK

Students and staff in Tahlequah Public Schools are taking a more proactive method when dealing with an intruder on site. ALICE – Alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate – is the safety program being implemented into TPS now. Before classes began in August, employees at TPS received the ALICE training. “Each teacher came up with two plans for his room if an intruder were to be in the building,” said Brian Stanglin, TMS SRO. Stanglin said the first plan deals with the intruder at the other end of the building from the classroom and the second one involves the intruder in the classroom. “This program empowers the kids and staff, to make decisions if there is an intruder on campus” said Stanglin. “ALICE is based on the premise that information, authorization and proactive training are the keys to surviving an active shooter.” Read more