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ALICE Training

Since 2000, ALICE Training® has continually offered the newest, most successful active shooter preparedness program for schools, healthcare facilities and others. The ALICE impact continues to grow now that ALICE is part of Navigate360’s full spectrum of safety preparedness programs, services and technology.

For the best response to active shooting incidents, choose ALICE Active Shooter Training, now a part of Navigate360. For complementary programs to help you prepare, prevent, respond to and recover from emergency situations, see all Navigate360 solutions.

Empowering individuals to participate in their own survival

ALICE Training Programs & Services increase your children’s and employees’ odds of survival during a violent intruder event. ALICE Training goes beyond lockdown methods by providing individuals with a new set of skills that will greatly increase their odds of survival during an active shooter situation. Our Risk Assessments ensure your organization’s response preparedness during and after an active shooter event.

ALICE Training Program | Active Shooter

ALICE Training Program

The National Standard of Care and the leading training solution for active shooter response, ALICE Training provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to ensure their survival and minimize the loss of life in the event of an aggressive intruder. Unlike conventional lockdown, ALICE Training empowers  Police/LE, K-12 Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Higher Education, Businesses, Government, and Houses of Worship. to participate in their own survival and lead others to safety.

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Prices: $695
Early Registration Price: $595

**Early Bird Registration applies to the first 10 registrants**

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Emergency Preparedness Technology for Schools

Emergency Preparedness and Threat Assessment Technology for Schools

Simplify the complexities of school safety compliance while reducing liability with our sustainable emergency preparedness solutions.

Our Emergency Preparedness Technology empowers you to easily access, update, and distribute your school safety plan, schedule and report on emergency drills, improve situational awareness with valuable site mapping data, and monitor accountability by integrating with your student information system.

Additionally, our Student Behavioral Threat Assessment platform helps you identify and manage reports of concerning behavior, facilitates collaboration among threat assessment teams and outside agencies, and provides comprehensive documentation and reporting to reduce liability.

Active Shooter Vulnerability Assessment | ALICE Training

Risk Assessments

ALICE Training Risk Assessment is done by certified professional assessors onsite, online and from the inside out and outside in. We conduct the entire process for the organization, with the organization.  The risk assessment provides you with an inclusive list of the good, the weak and dangerous areas in your organization along with recommendations on a course of action needed to correct issues

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ALICE Training is rated 4.9 / 5 average from 98 reviews from direct training participants.