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There are more ways than one to be prepared for a violent event. Whether you are at a mall, in a theater, grocery shopping, attending a game or listening to a concert, you have options. By the time law enforcement arrives, violent events are usually over. Seconds count during a violent event. The actions taken by civilians, in between when the event begins and law enforcement arrives, are significant and can increase survivability.

If you are looking for an online, comprehensive, thorough and options-based response to a violent intruder event, consider our e-Learning. Check out this video to see how it works.

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Let ALICE bring e-Learning to you!  Our online learning works with your schedule.

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The Research Institute of America states that students who take classes online can increase their knowledge retention rate by 25-60 percent.  The study theorizes this is because students have more ownership of their learning experiences and can review material as necessary to master it. 

Reduction in Training Time
Increase in Retention Rate

5 Benefits of Individual e-Learning

#1  Saves Time and Travel

Instead of going to an on-site location for training, access the e-Learning anytime you want. Avoid traffic and morning hour commutes.

#2  Ease of Access with Your Schedule

Works into your schedule by allowing you to take it in the morning, after work, on your lunch break or before bed.

#3  A Consistent Message

With e-Learning, all learners get the same training by eliminating the problems associated with different instructors teaching slightly different materials on the same subject.

#4  Up to Date Content

As active shooter response protocols continue to evolve, you’re always assured the most recent updates through our digital e-Learning content.

#5  Increased Learning Retention

With clever design, user experience and multimedia, our interactive training courses are a richer learning experience and NOT just some passive, statics, course generated from a generic PowerPoint presentation or a textbook.

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