Start Online.  Finish in the Classroom.

Blended learning is that perfect combination of our online e-Learning content and in-person skills sessions. Certified ALICE Instructors can now spend less time in the classroom and spend more time focusing on scenarios and drills. Learners come to the classroom already prepared with foundational knowledge from our e-Learning training, which confirms quality standards have been met.

Blended Learning.  The Next Generation of our #1 Program

ALICE Training’s Blended Approach is the next evolution of our core training program that we’ve been delivering for the last 10+ years. It enhances the way we teach our program from the instructor’s, learner’s, and the organization’s perspectives. The Blended Learning Approach combines e-Learning with onsite group instruction that confirms quality standards have been met.

Getting Started with Blended Learning is Easy.

Find out how to bring ALICE to your Organization

Blended Learning makes it EASY for . . . 

. . . your Organization

  • Saves MONEY. It minimizes time away from the workplace and related travel expense

  • Scalable, Efficient and Fast. Increased ability to deploy training across large organizations

. . . your Employees

  • Saves TIME for participants

  • Higher Learning Retention through interactive learning and rich content


  • FLEXIBILITY to meet your schedule challenges

  • Online reporting show who has completed training

5 Benefits of Blended Learning

#1  Example Drills & Scenarios

Certified ALICE Instructors facilitate kinesthetic skills – skills that are learned through experience.  Imagine learning to swim just by reading a book?

#2  Social Learning

Group interactions (observation & direct instruction) during drills & scenarios enhance learning between participants as they learn from one another as well as the Instructor.

#3  Question & Answers

Certified ALICE Instructors can expand the conversation on how to adapt the training concepts into your specific organization.  

#4  Real Time Feedback

Provides opportunity for participants to make mistakes in a controlled environment.  The blended approach facilitates and reinforces learning.

#5  Adaptability

The Certified ALICE Instructor can adapt the training content to the specific needs of the participants or the organization.