As schools continue to look over procedures for addressing active shooter or violent intruder events, it is important for decision makers to take into consideration the opinions of all stakeholders affected by the new procedures. Making sure that administration, faculty, parents and students are in support of the procedures being implemented at the school is necessary. Similarly, any opposition should also be heard and seriously considered. The opinion of one can greatly affect the course that is taken. The voice of a student, is particularly strong in this endeavor to call for change. Leena Vo, is a wonderful example of a key stakeholder, making her voice heard and calling for change.     

Ms. Vo is is a senior at Mallard Creek High School who is calling for change in the procedures her state has in place for responding to an active shooter or violent intruder event. She is a creative, self-motivated, individual who is concerned about the safety procedures being taken in the schools across North Carolina. Although her school district has moved away from following lockdown procedures and has adopted Run. Hide. Fight. Ms. Vo has taken the initiative to request that the North Carolina State Board of Education implement ALICE across the state.

In an effort to make her voice heard, Ms. Vo has started an online petition to the North Carolina Board of Education to change from the procedures of lockdown and adopt ALICE. We are proud to support the efforts of this young woman as she works to bring comprehensive safety measures to the schools in North Carolina. Please, consider sharing the link and helping Ms. Vo achieve the support she needs to present the petition to the North Carolina Board of Education. 

Updated 10-15-2015