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The shooting at Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas on February 25, 2015 was a horrible tragedy. When human life is lost, there is no way to heal the pain that the families, friends, employees and community will feel after such a tragic situation. The workplace violence shooting at Excel Industries was no different in the terms of sorrow.              

In the midst of this tragic event, it is often hard to look for the positive aspects of the situation when there is so much sorrow and pain. However, in this incident the life saving actions of Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder  stopped the deadly attack from becoming worse. While many officers remained outside the building, one officer made entry, confronted the gunman and proceeded to exchange gunfire. The incident was ended when the gunman was shot. As it stands right now, we do not know what may have come of the situation if not for the heroic actions of Chief Schroeder.

However, what we do know is that, based on how other active shooter events have gone, it is likely that the gunman would have continued to shoot as many people as possible before being stopped. According to a 2012 NYPD study, over 80% of Active Shooter events since 1966 have not ended until an aggressive action was taken by citizens or the police, or the shooter attempted/committed suicide. Chief Schroeder’s actions are ones that highlight the importance of taking action immediately when confronted with a life and death situation. Every second and every action counts in a life and death situation.