[Sudbury PD. letter received by ALICE] [Download PDF]
ALICE Training was honored to have the Sudbury, MA police department host an ALICE training class for their community.  Included in the training were local community assets including: school administrators; local government officials; law enforcement; and community residents by invitation due to classroom limitations.

Sudbury PD is a first class organization who has consistently demonstrated proactive strategies to keep their community safe.  Their first cooperative school safety training in 2007 was just days prior to a school homicide which proved to be invaluable.  They continue to assess their safety plans as part of a continuous improvement strategy.

November 24, 2013

Greg and Lisa Crane
ALICE Training
3613 Reserve Conm10ns
Medina, OH 44256

Dear Greg and Lisa:

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the training you provided. I am forever grateful for you putting the time, effort and thought into ensuring this was a successful training. Even after having a homicide in our high school many continued to lack the understanding that violence can happen in the educational setting, as demonstrated by January 19, 2007. On that day, sixteen year old John Odgren stabbed to death fifteen year old James Alenson. This was a very tragic, random act of violence perpetrated by a young man who had researched methods to obtain a firearm. Had Odgren been successful in obtaining a weapon I can only imagine the exponential damage they may have been inflicted.

Our very first cooperative school safety training between our department and Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School staff occurred on January 17, 2007. A mere two days prior to the homicide, the training proved to be invaluable in the sheltering of students and staff while allowing first responders the best opportunity to save Mr. Alenson’s life. Unfortunately, Mr.Alenson sustained a wound that wouldn’t have been survivable even if received while in a trauma center emergency room. A further travesty in my opinion is we were not allowed to conduct any further school safety training in the high school until every student who had been present on that day departed the school by graduation or other means.  

After the horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary School last year, what many thought was unimaginable came storming into reality. Prompted by this realization, Sudbury parents expressed strong concerns about the status of our safety protocols. Although we were already well entrenched in a fairly comprehensive safety plan we owe it to our parents and especially our children to continually assess how to improve school safety. This event furthered our efforts with an increased sense of urgency; particularly given we had {portions redacted for confidentiality]. I feel a great sense of responsibility in providing the optimum safe environment for all our children.

Fortunately we have been able to move forward since then in enhancing the safety of the educational environment but we have much further to travel. The ALICE philosophy is a great opportunity to move to the next level. Your common sense philosophies demonstrated that very poignantly during your period of instruction. Further, the two perspectives you and your wife bring from law enforcement and education sends a powerful, collaborative vision to everyone.

In listening to feedback from the numerous disciplines that attended the training, I am extremely pleased with the realization by the attendees of how incredibly beneficial this training was. Having options or “tools” to use when faced with your survival is a powerful ally. Some entered the training with misconceptions of what was contained within the curriculum. One attendee believed the presentation may be geared towards arming teachers and staff. You were extremely successful in dispelling the misconceptions associated with your philosophy. 

Beyond the years of experience you both have in your respective careers, the passion and commitment you both exude is extraordinary. To have such a partnership is an incredible opportunity to improve the safety of everyone, regardless of the environment you may find yourself during an unforeseeable violent encounter. I wish you well in spreading the philosophy far and wide and, again, thank you for your efforts!



Scott Nix, Chief of Police

Sudbury Police Department