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ALICE Training Institute is honored to provide Ohio active shooter training to hundreds of residents and organizations statewide, including businesses, government agencies, healthcare organizations and school districts. Our programs help empower individuals to take control of their own survival when faced with an active shooter incident.

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The Impact of ALICE Active Shooter Training in Ohio

Equipping Ohio residents with knowledge can help them react strategically during a critical event. The team at ALICE Training Institute has provided active shooter training for a wide range of Ohio organizations.

238 Ohio Businesses
118 Educational Institutions
69 Government and Law Enforcement Agencies
53 Healthcare Organizations
36 Faith-Based Organizations

Ohio Active Shooter Training Legislation to Improve Safety

Following the tragedy at Chardon High School in 2012, the Ohio Attorney General began taking steps to improve overall safety for school districts statewide. According to the  Attorney General task force report, a pure lockdown is not enough. Ohioans must do more to improve public safety. While legislation is always evolving, we encourage you to examine a few of the Ohio state requirements regarding active shooter preparedness and what is expected by school officials should a critical event arise.

School Emergency Management Plans in Ohio

In the sections below, we’ll explore a few highlights from the Ohio Revised Code (RC) § 3313.536. You can read the full document here.

Each Administrator Must Create a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

RC § 3313.536(B)(1) – Academic administrators must develop and implement an all-encompassing emergency management plan for each building under his or her control. Environmental conditions should be examined for potential hazards and remediation strategies should be developed to address those hazards. When creating the preparedness plan, the administrator must include students, parents and community law enforcement officials.

Emergency Preparedness Plan Must Address Any Threat to Public Safety

RC § 3313.536(B)(2)(a) – Protocol for addressing threats to the safety of students, employees, administrators or property must be incorporated into the comprehensive emergency management plan.

Emergency Management Plan Must Be Submitted to the Department of Education

RC § 3313.536(C)(1) – Once the emergency management plan has been completed, the administrator must submit an electronic copy to the department of education. This must be completed every three years, or whenever relevant information changes.

Emergency Management Plan Must be Reviewed Once a Year

RC § 3313.536(D)(1) – Every year, the administrator must review the emergency preparedness plan by July 1st. This will ensure the plan is accurate and current.

Emergency Management Plan Must be Reviewed Once a Year

RC § 3313.536(D)(2) – If changes have been made to the emergency preparedness plan, they must be submitted to the department of education no later than ten days after the update.

Ohio Critical Incident Response Drills

In the sections below, we will explore sections of the Ohio Revised Code (RC) § 3737.73. You can read the full document here.

Administrators Must Conduct at Least 6 Rapid Dismissal Drills Annually

RC § 3737.73(A) – During every school year, the school administrator must conduct a minimum of 6 drills for rapid dismissal. These drills must be completed at times and frequencies set forth by the local fire marshal.

Administrators Must Conduct at Least 3 School Safety Drills Annually

RC § 3737.73(C)(a) – The administrator must conduct a minimum of three safety drills during each school year. These drills should provide students with instructions and protocols in the event of an active shooter situation. At least one of these safety drills should include a scenario in which students must be secured in the building rather than evacuating.

What Others Are Saying About Us

“The Arizona Counterterrorism Information Center officers say this is a step up from Run Hide Fight. And because first responders will be learning it, it only gives them an edge to act quickly themselves and help the community do the same.”

“To me, it’s not a matter of if, but when the next shooting will happen. I just want to always be prepared. Always know my options.”

“The ALICE program is one of the most important things I’ve done as a law enforcement officer. It gives options to respond to violence…I thought it was a neat idea that people can be in charge of their own survival.”

“Experts say that there is no single response that works in every situation because each one is different. Their best advice is to keep your options open, what’s known as a multi-option response.”

“ALICE training increases the options for the adults in charge of children in the event of a God-forbid situation,” said Superintendent Michael Lubelfeld. “We can now train and empower our adults to use their judgment based on evidence-based methods that include options other than lockdown.”

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Madeira High School (Perin Learning Center)

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ALICE Instructor Certification Training
Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 8:00 AM -
Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 5:00 PM
Holy Family Institute

8235 Ohio River Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA, 15202, USA

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