Providing Government Agencies a Resource for Active Shooter Training

While it would seem if any employees would be secure from extreme workplace violence, those working in highly-secured government buildings should be that fortunate group. However, the truth is otherwise. Many federal government locations have experienced attacks yielding casualties: the US Capitol, the Manhattan Federal Building, VA Hospitals. Even Military installations have seen events caused by both deranged individuals and those motivated by terrorism that have caused injuries and deaths: Fort Hood, US Army Recruiting Stations, and the US Navy Yard.

State, County, and Local government facilities have also experienced mass shootings: The Connecticut State Lottery, San Bernardino County of Public Health, Kirkwood MO City Council are examples. And like their federal counterparts, the motivation for the shootings of employees at these facilities ranged from disgruntled employees or citizens to terrorism.

Like all other locations, the degree of Prevention and Protection afforded by the facility can never be high enough to afford 100% guarantee of today being just like yesterday. Government civilian employees must be properly prepared to respond to extreme workplace violence. ALICE is the best tool available to ensure this group of public servants are ready should the unthinkable occur.

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Government Agency Active Shooter Recommendations

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